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I am a get-things-done creative type, with 20 somethin’ years of building captivating experiences for users, growing teams of UX professionals,
 and helping your product vision become a reality.


UX Lead : Interaction Design, Mobile Design, User Research, Strategy

Helped foster design awareness throughout the organization, worked with the executive team on product strategy, and lead a small team of talented interaction and visual designers.

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Director of Design : Creative Lead for IOS and Android, Web, User Research, Product Strategy

As the first creative manager at the company, I developed a holistic design and product strategy, facilitated a complete product redesign, and led the small team of designers to help with massive revenue growth.


Director of Product : Interaction Design, Visual Design, Front-End Development, Strategy

Implemented a complete product and brand relaunch for the 'Kayak of Airbnb', resulting in doubled membership, press and media attention, and a sustainable revenue stream.

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Research, Interaction Design, Visual Design, Javascript Development

Worked with the Sidecar executive team to build a ride analytics tool. This long-standing javascript app provided real-time business analytics information, and served as a foundation to their customer experience team.